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Lunch Menu
Greens 'n stuff
Spring greens, granny smith apples, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, berry vinaigrette 7
Chilled iceberg wedge, bacon crumbles, blue cheese dressing 7
Hummus, olive-walnut-feta, flatbread 8
Sprouted lentil-chick pea-veggie salad, greens, flatbread chips 8
Local arugula, fried fontina, applewood bacon, onion, roasted pepper vin, balsamic drizzle 8
Local greens, smoked salmon, dill, jalapeno-chevre crostini, creamy Dijon dressing 9
Bread n’ butter for two $1.00


Caramelized salmon, “green goddess” sauce, asparagus, lentils, mashed potatoes 14
Sesame tuna, miso vinaigrette, gochujang shiitakes n’ green beans, wasabi mashed taters 14
Blackened sea scallops, habanero béarnaise sauce, fried okra, red beans, dirty rice 14
KBC fish n’ chips-Beer battered tilefish, curry aioli, English peas, redskin fries 14
Herb rubbed swordfish, tomato jam, balsamic syrup, feta, creamed spinach, oven fries 14
Tortilla crusted amberjack, salsa verde, corn-lime crema, guacamole, refried beans, yucca 14
Pecan crusted rainbow trout, lemon-herb butter, green beans, fingerling potatoes 14
Cornmeal fried oysters, remoulade sauce, cheddar cheese grits 13
Marinated tofu, veggie stir fry, cashews, pea shoots, Thai coconut curry, sweet potato fries 12
Jerked pork chop, mango-chile salsa, cilantro rice, coconut black bean sauce, maduros 13
Mojo spiced chicken, shrimp, chorizo, jalapeno-jack cheese, black beans ‘n rice 13
Fiery tandoori spiced chicken skewers, cucumber raitta, onion chutney, lentils, brown rice 12
Black bean cakes, smoked chile-sour cream, salsa fresca 10
Potato-corn-goat cheese croquettes, roasted tomato sauce, dressed arugula 10
Mideast spiced lamb patties, harissa sauce, fried chick peas, asparagus, lentils, brown rice 12
Pan fried chicken, Carolina bbq, collard greens, black eyed p’s, mac n’ cheese 12
Peppered flank steak, gorgonzola-herb butter, crispy onion rings, mashed potatoes 13
Browned gnocchi, applewood bacon, gorgonzola, sage, caramelized onion, spinach, 12
Gemelli, shrimp, kalamatas, sundried tomatoes, broccoli, basil-pistachio pesto 13
Linguini, crawfish, tasso ham, mushrooms, roasted garlic cream sauce, asiago cheese 13

We are required to tell you that there is a risk of food borne illness when consuming undercooked protein.




*Menus may change daily, prices subject to change.