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Kool Beanz Cafe

Sunday Brunch

Full English breakfast- English bangers, grilled mushroom, grilled tomato, fried bread,
baked beans, fried eggs 13

Smoked salmon flatbread, arugula-fennel salad, capers, chopped egg,
lemon-horseradish dressing 13

Banana-rum French toast, sweet plantains, spiced walnuts 12

Lobster mac n’ cheese, romaine salad, creamy parmesan dressing 14

Grilled Andouille sausage, fried grit cakes, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce 12

Buttermilk fried chicken, Belgian sweet potato-pecan waffle, spicy honey 12

Creamed spinach baked eggs, roasted tomato sauce, jack cheese, toast points 11

Local grass fed burger, cheddar cheese, bacon marmalade, pickled red onion, arugula, home fries 12

Chilled iceberg wedge, blue cheese dressing, crumbled bacon 7

Chilaquiles, tomatillo salsa, fried eggs, chipotle crema, jack cheese, black beans 12

Shrimp and grits, Tasso ham-tomato-garlic cream sauce 12

Fried Green Tomato B.L.T-applewood bacon, fried egg, lemon aioli, arugula, home fries 11

Seared sea scallops, tropical fruit salsa, fried yucca, black beans 14

Chilled, marinated flank steak, bloody mary salsa, cheese scrambled eggs, bravas potatoes 14


Fried green tomatoes, lemon aioli 3.00    Rosemary home fries 3.00   Stone ground grits 2.50     Applewood bacon 3.00   English bangers 3.50    Grilled Andouille sausage 3.50
Bubbles:    Glass  5     Mimosa 6     Pomegranate 6.50 (carafes – 15/18)
Prosecco:    Glass 6      Mimosa 7     Pomegranate 7.50
Coffee 2     Orange juice 3.50

We are required to tell you that there is a risk of food borne illness when consuming undercooked protein.




*Menus may change daily, prices subject to change.